From the very first assignment in the writing minor, I began to explore the depth and wealth of why I write. I explored this question through a piece echoing Geroge Orwell's "Why I Write" essay to discover why I engage in this activity. Below is a snippet and link to the full piece. 


I write to discover my own story time and time again. The story that is constantly writing itself, one with the most elaborate plot twists that I will never guess and most vibrant of characters and lively of settings. I chronicle the most potent moments to the best of my shortsighted ability in the present and then begin to draw connections in the future. These chronicles, whether snippets in my phone or elaborate prose, enable me to map out my progression as a writer and a person. They have helped me understand others and myself in a much deeper sense. I write to create a space for myself where, even if I do not immediately understand it yet, I have laid out a map for my future self to connect the dots. I lay out a blueprint to be colored in and become a foundation to build myself upon.


Read here how I connect the dots.  


I am a Communication and Screen Arts and Cultures major with a Writing minor. I have a love for story-telling that is inherently intertwined with my love for writing. I am avidly pursuing a career in broadcast journalism in the hopes of telling the compelling stories of the the world and fascinating people who inhabit it. I am half Trinidadian, half Indian, born in England but raised in New York. This colorful background enables me to understand a variety of places and people on a deeply personal level. I am very close to my family (my parents and older brother, Akash) and my friends here at Michigan. They're undying support, love and humor are constant sources of strength and inspiration.